Quality oriented Project Management Consultancy

Zippro System offers affordable and flexible project management services for your ever-growing business needs. We understand that the hectic business schedules makes you worried about the timely completion of your project. As a result, we make sure to get our dedicated project managers over to you in solving your management related issues.

Our core competency levels stretch far beyond than just designing and developing, but also to implementing and managing IT services and Solutions. Our specialised team of expert project managers are able to understand the specific needs of our clients and hence provide solutions accordingly.

When it comes to project management, our main focus is to retain quality in every aspect of your business, and that is what we do to achieve quality projects completed within time. Quality Assurance is connected with project management and our dedicated project managers and supervisors are always helpful in making sure that quality never gets compromised with any one of your projects.

With our wide range of expertise, Zippro System makes the entire process of project management an easy to handle, and transparent method of getting the work done. We offer quality oriented Project Management services with the following core functions at the heart of our services:

  • Project Communication
  • Requirements Management
  • Change Management
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Competence Transfer
  • Reporting and Intermediate Deliveries

Making Quality Assurance imperative for your success

For any project to be delivered from start to end with the highest possible rate of completion, quality needs to be present throughout every process. Zippro System deploys a dedicated, and professionally independent Quality Assurance department, which is solely responsible for maintaining quality throughout your project.

"I highly recommend Zippro System. They are very knowledgeable, prompt, excellent and efficient with coding and an outstanding.."

Sajjal Malik